Following the guidelines and restrictions of Children’s Minnesota, Breanna’s Gift has suspended programming until further notice at the hospitals and facilities we serve.

A silver lining during these challenging times has been Art Takeout, our series of individual, boxed art projects designed by Breanna’s Gift teachers for hospitalized children who are not able to leave their hospital room.

The increased demand for these projects started us thinking about how else we could continue our mission from a distance. We created a video component and added it to Breanna’s Gift programs. This venture is called Art Take 2, a series of arts classes in a video format taught by our artist/teachers. Classes are very similar to what we bring to children in person and include classes in visual arts, dance, music and performing arts.

We have also increased the number of Art Takeout boxes distributed while programming is suspended. If you’d like to support this effort, please consider making a donation via the Donate link on this page.


Thank you so much for another round of videos and supplies.
They will be very much appreciated by our patients!

“I work in a pediatric long-term care facility that is home to children with complex medical conditions that require care around the clock. When COVID-19 reached our city of Richmond, Virginia, we had to immediately cancel Recreation Therapy group sessions, cancel volunteer visits, cancel community outings, cancel special events, and close up tight. Our residents, whose ages can range from infant to 21, were required to stay on the unit and in their rooms for the first several weeks of the pandemic as we took every precaution to keep them safe. As a Recreation Therapy Department, this presented us with quite a challenge in terms of providing individual activities for the children and offering them a variety of fun things to do to keep them busy and content.

The first week of quarantine happened to be my week to plan activities for the kids. The very first day I brought 20+ Breanna’s Gift Art Takeout projects to the unit and we kept those kids busy for the rest of the week! Since then, the children have enjoyed working on these projects on a regular basis. Art Takeout boxes have been a life saver for the children here AND staff!! We have enjoyed providing activities by way of these projects for many years now, but they have been especially helpful and absolutely perfect for our unique situation right now as we protect our residents from COVID-19. We continue to be extremely grateful for the kindness and ingenuity that we have experienced through Breanna’s Gift.”

− Kathy, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU