Let There Be Drama!

We’ve all experienced drama in many different forms, right?  Well, the drama we are talking about is Drama Camp! Breanna’s Gift Drama Camp is offered at Ronald McDonald House every summer and this year was all about “Annie.” Our camp leader is Anne McNaughton, who for the past 7 years has led the kids in producing scenes from different musicals. Camp lasts for 3 afternoons, and you’d be amazed at what the kids accomplish. They paint their costumes, rehearse their lines, learn 2 dances; then they paint the scenery, rehearse their lines and 2 dances; then they paint their cast photo frames, rehearse their lines and yes, their 2 dances. What’s next? It’s show time! I’m pretty sure this was a performance of scenes from “Annie” like no other. The results were perfect with lots of applause and lots of smiles from everyone. We thank all of our young actors and actresses, our camp director Anne, our dance teacher Shelley and our camp volunteers, Liz and Mandy, for working so hard in putting it all together. Our drama unfolded and created something very special.


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