From a Patient – Receiving her tap shoes and tutu, and only being able to put on one of the shoes because of the IV in her foot, a little 3-year-old dancer did it all and had her mom dancing too, “Jump Mom, jump!” After class she said, ”Thank you for the wonderful gifts.”

Child Life Supervisor, Medical City Children’s Hospital, Dallas – Thank you so much for the Art Takeout boxes! I used one recently with a little boy who was readmitted for a second time after a surgery. He was having a difficult time being back in the hospital and nothing was appealing to him or sounding fun to do. When he saw the watercolor paper with the frame that he could put his masterpiece in he actually smiled, and after the project said, “That was fun!” It might sound little, but it was a huge win for this patient.

From a Mom – After several months in the hospital, a little girl was leaving for home hospice care. That day, she made a wonderful watercolor painting and with permission from her mom, it is now the painting on the cover of our Art Takeout “Make a Watercolor” pads. Her mom wrote, “Our daughter would be thrilled that you are using her painting. She always looked forward to Breanna’s Gift classes. In fact, the day she did the painting, she wasn’t going home until she got one more class in – the class that will forever be etched on my heart.”

From Parents – We changed our daughter’s clinic appointments so she can attend as many dance and art classes as possible before she has her transplant. I keep taking videos of dance class to show her physical therapists and they are so happy that she gets this extra & fun workout. After her transplant we will be back for classes. We love Breanna’s Gift.

From a Mom – I wanted to tell you guys thank you soooo much for the awesome art kits. My daughter is a frequent visitor to the hospital. Your sweet donations  brighten her day and make the anxiety disappear for a little bit. She made a mosaic and is planning to give it to her nurse for taking such good care of her. Once my daughter is well I would love to give back the same way you guys have given to me.

From a Patient – A 4-year-old boy was fully engaged in creating his own special wood sculpture. During the process he got to use a small, just-his-size hammer. When