Quiet on the Set!

Quiet on the set! was the phase of the day as the kids at Ronald McDonald House spent the afternoon working together to create a silent film.  This was not an easy task as all were bursting with energy and so many creative ideas. This film making experience was presented by Breanna’s Gift program and led by Alex from Harmony Theatre Company. Our talented actors collaborated, hung out off camera and practiced their scene to outer space with characters such as; The Flash, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and their kitty cat, Queen of the Aliens and of course no silent film would be complete without Darth Vader.  Now we wait for the results while the film hits the editing floor. Who knows, it could be up next years academy awards.

Is She Really Only 6?

This fall a very special 6 year old named Aubrey started a fundraising campaign for Breanna’s Gift.  I had the pleasure of receiving the results of her efforts and the joy of meeting Aubrey and her mom. Aubrey posted campaign videos, had a fundraiser at her dance studio, Woodbury Dance Center and had a fundraising table at the Mall of America. She raised $424.83 and collected donations of art supplies and costumes for our program. Aubrey, we are honored that you have contributed so much of your time and talent to Breanna’s Gift. Check out the video links below. When you see them you will be asking the same question I did, is she really only 6?

Aubrey was also kind enough to show me some of her dance moves. My favorite and perhaps hers was her sassy walk. With this move, she is a natural. Thank you Aubrey!!