Camp Quality 2020

Camp Goes Virtual, Fun is Real

This year Breanna’s Gift, like many other nonprofit organizations, has had to innovate like never before and I’m proud to say we’ve risen to the challenge. The core of our mission has always been, literally and figuratively, to provide in-person arts programming to children in hospitals and healthcare settings. Since COVID-19, this is no longer a current possibility, but our program team has made wonderful adjustments.

For example, every year since 2015, Children’s Minnesota hospital has asked us to join in their annual week-long camp. It is an overnight experience for kids who have been treated for cancer or are currently being treated for cancer. When we started, camp was called Camp VIP. It has since become part of a national organization called Camp Quality. The name has changed, but the intent, amazing camp experience and staff have remained the same. We loved every minute of bringing a visual arts class and dance class to campers. Of course, the gang was not able to be at the camp site this year, but that did not stop anyone from providing a virtually fun experience via Zoom!

Breanna's Gift, Camp Quality MN 2020Visual arts class was taught by program coordinator and teacher, Kim Gordon, with volunteer assistance by Gary. The project was a journal bound together using stickers that the kids created during class. And creative they were!

Breanna's Gift dance at Camp Quality MN 2020Dance Class was taught by artist/teacher, Shelley Westgor. Shelley taught the dance standing and Marsha did a seated version. Both versions were full of energy, and it was great to provide a full dance experience that included children who joined us from their hospital rooms.

This is just one of the ways Breanna’s Gift ensures we continue to reach children who are more isolated than ever during this unprecedented time. We are so appreciative for all our partners and supporters. Your encouragement and enthusiasm for new ideas in programming is essential.  Learn more here about how we’re continuing to reach children with our new Art Take2 video programming.

And now, our kudos!!!



Cuningham Group Creative Exhibition

I didn’t know it then, but back in September 2019 I received call from Cuningham Group, an award-winning architecture and design firm with eight offices around the world, that would ultimately expand our programming in 2020. That fateful call was from Shawn Olson, a senior associate, who shared that Breanna’s Gift was one of the charities selected as possible recipient of a charitable donation from the proceeds of their annual Cuningham Group Creative Exhibition. Tim Dufault, Cuningham Group president, had nominated us for this honor.

I soon discovered that Marsha, our founder and program director, had worked with Tim before founding Breanna’s Gift in 2007, and knew about this annual event and had attended 15 out of the past 17 exhibitions. Her enthusiasm for this creative and fun event was contagious. Breanna’s Gift was ultimately selected as the 2019 charitable recipient. We were invited as guests for dinner preceding the event – and the dinner, from the specially selected wine, appetizers and main course, was all prepared by Cuningham Group employees. They had spent months planning this meal, and it’s safe to say it rivaled high-end restaurants.


It’s hard to overstate how special this creative exhibition is to behold. Paintings, hand-crafted earrings and purses, sculptures and more were all on display at Hennepin Made Lighting for the public to bid on. Every item was created by Cuningham Group employees. This exhibition is highly anticipated, and the energy was palpable as hundreds of patrons bid on their selections throughout the evening.

Fast-forward to this week, when Marsha and I were at Cuningham Group offices for the big check unveiling. Let’s just say a tear or ten may have been shed between the two of us when we found out they had raised $22,310 for us. This amazing gift allows us to spearhead and fast-track our expanded programming this month at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

A heartfelt thank you to Tim Dufault, Shawn Olson and all the wonderful employees at Cuningham Group.

“It Takes a Village”

It takes a village to raise a child” is an African proverb. I can tell you that preparing over 1,000 Art Takeout projects for our program in the Twin Cities in addition to shipping them to six Children’s Hospitals across the country definitely “takes a village.” And a village is exactly what we had. Led by art takeout coordinator Denise Crestik, we thank Washburn High School’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Avalon Salon in Elk River and DeLaSalle High School art students for making this all happen. We couldn’t do it without your help. Thank you for all you do for the children Breanna’s Gift works with!