Breanna’s Gift on Twin Cities Live

We ended 2015 just as busy as we started the new year. Margo McCreary lead her 3-day puppet workshop at Ronald McDonald House, and the kids made the best characters. It was fun to watch each puppet come to life as they received their faces, costumes, personalities and names. An added treat for us was a visit from Emily Engberg of Twin Cities Live. Emily and her crew joined the first day of the workshop and then presented a most appreciated and amazing story about Breanna’s Gift which aired on the Channel 5 Twin Cities Live. Emily made her own puppet, and like the kids, she became very attached. She decided he was a Mowel, which in case you didn’t know, is a cross between a monkey and an owl. She bravely left her Mowel for the kids to finish and they took good care of him. He was also included in the always popular and funny puppet show.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Emily and Twin Cities Live! for telling our story. You truly captured the heart of our program.