Peanuts Make An Elephant

Breanna’s Gift art teacher, Margo McCreary had the kids making sculptures with corn starch packing peanuts. All of our artists were very creative. They made super heroes and dogs with capes and birds with wings. Our artist of the day created an elephant. This amazing elephant doesn’t Eat peanuts, he’s made of them! This was a project for all ages; where everyone was full of fun and creativity was in the air.

Bringing in the New Year

Thank you to our supporters for making it possible to end 2016 and begin the new year on the same creative notes; as we continue our program of bringing visual arts, music, dance, theater and SMILES to seriously ill children. Happy 2017 from everyone at Breanna’s Gift!

And the Sidewalk Comes to Us

When it’s too hot to go outdoors for sidewalk art, Breanna’s Gift teacher Kim brings the sidewalk inside. The walk was about 20 feet long when we started and by the time everyone was finished, it was full of fun drawings and got another 6 feet longer. Board of Directors Vice President, Billy, helped the kids execute some ideas, encouraged them to think and draw big. He was king of the chalk. RMH_sidewalkart_7.2016

Let There Be Drama!

We’ve all experienced drama in many different forms, right?  Well, the drama we are talking about is Drama Camp! Breanna’s Gift Drama Camp is offered at Ronald McDonald House every summer and this year was all about “Annie.” Our camp leader is Anne McNaughton, who for the past 7 years has led the kids in producing scenes from different musicals. Camp lasts for 3 afternoons, and you’d be amazed at what the kids accomplish. They paint their costumes, rehearse their lines, learn 2 dances; then they paint the scenery, rehearse their lines and 2 dances; then they paint their cast photo frames, rehearse their lines and yes, their 2 dances. What’s next? It’s show time! I’m pretty sure this was a performance of scenes from “Annie” like no other. The results were perfect with lots of applause and lots of smiles from everyone. We thank all of our young actors and actresses, our camp director Anne, our dance teacher Shelley and our camp volunteers, Liz and Mandy, for working so hard in putting it all together. Our drama unfolded and created something very special.thecast

Sharing the news!

We love sharing great news!  Our program has expanded at all 3 of our current locations.

Classes continue at Ronald McDonald House where we have  added Art Takeout to the mix.  Ronald McDonald House is now receiving our Art Takeout projects and bringing them to the kids at the 3 remote Ronald McDonald Houses located in Children’s Minnesota Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses and Gillette Children’s Hospital.

At Children’s Minnesota in St. Paul we have expanded our program from 3 Fridays a month to every Friday.

At Children’s Minnesota in Minneapolis as our classes continue every Wednesday on the Hematology/Oncology and Pediatric Care floors; we have added classes and room to room visits on the Cardiovascular Care and Pediatric Intensive Care floors.

We announce this news with joy and enthusiasm as we bring the arts and that many more smMCH_art_12-15iles to the children that we are privileged to work with.

Is it all work and no play?

Some might say that serving on a board of directors is all work and no play. Breanna’s Gift can prove otherwise, as our board president spent some time volunteering at our art and dance classes. He helped with a printmaking project and showed us that he had a few secret moves. Who knew? Thanks Rick!RMH_rick_6.2016-1crop

It’s a Diorama!

Diorama’s are the best for creating a scene and telling a story. Our artists made mini-dioramas, but the stories were very grand. They made a girl jumping off a rock into a stream; a dog dreaming of a bone he couldn’t quite reach; and our featured diorama has a search for sea shells in Alaska next to a stream where a big yellowRMH_diorama-4_5.2016 bird was quenching his thirst. With imagination, the sky’s the limit.

And They Never Miss a Beat!

Sometimes dance can be quite the juggling act and you don’t even realize how many balls are in the air. It’s all about the music, the costumes, the tap shoes, the dance props and sometimes a medical backpack. And with all of that………… the beat goes on!SPCH_DANCE_3.4.2016-3