Breanna’s Gift Workshops

Mary Poppins performers are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

This year’s drama camp led by Anne McNaughton presented a new, never seen before performance of Mary Poppins. Among our 9 cast members, were 5 children who had participated in more than one drama camp from years past. How great to have them back for the show and with so much drama camp experience under their belts, they were the pros helping the other cast members with everything from costumes and scenery, to learning lines and dances. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious may have been hard to say, but when it came to learning the dance, they did that with ease. We had rave reviews and were gratified to hear that our audience thinks each year is better than the last. We couldn’t agree more. At all of our camps, everyone is a shining star and this year was no exception.

Fused Glass with FOCI

Breanna’s Gift sponsored  a fused-glass workshop led by FOCI, the Minnesota Center for Glass Art.  The kids made sun catchers and their creativity came through immediately. Working with small pieces of glass can be tricky, so everyone had to wear thick gloves. This challenge didn’t hold anyone back and it’s always great to see the kids dig right in.

They selected different shapes and colors to create their own designs. Some of the kids took a different approach and stacked several layers of glass on top of each other to create a multicolored look. Each piece of glass received a little glue to hold the pieces in place so they could be transported back to FOCI for firing. A little patience was needed before their final work was revealed. And patience led to smiles, satisfaction and fun sun catchers.

Quiet on the Set!

Quiet on the set! was the phase of the day as the kids at Ronald McDonald House spent the afternoon working together to create a silent film.  This was not an easy task as all were bursting with energy and so many creative ideas. This film making experience was presented by Breanna’s Gift program and led by Alex from Harmony Theatre Company. Our talented actors collaborated, hung out off camera and practiced their scene to outer space with characters such as; The Flash, Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and their kitty cat, Queen of the Aliens and of course no silent film would be complete without Darth Vader.  Now we wait for the results while the film hits the editing floor. Who knows, it could be up for next year’s academy awards.

Hip Hop & Art are HOT

It was Hot at Camp VIP this summer and so were our artists and hip hop dancers. Camp VIP is a week long camp in Northern Minnesota for children and their siblings who have been treated for or are being treated for cancer at Children’s Minnesota. The kids made wall murals about camp, created personal pieces of art about the lake and it’s surroundings  and learned and performed a hip hop dance to “Dance Like Yo Daddy.” All very Hot right?vip_art_8-2016-2crop vip_art_8-2016-34 vip_dance_8-2016-9crop

Let There Be Drama!

We’ve all experienced drama in many different forms, right?  Well, the drama we are talking about is Drama Camp! Breanna’s Gift Drama Camp is offered at Ronald McDonald House every summer and this year was all about “Annie.” Our camp leader is Anne McNaughton, who for the past 7 years has led the kids in producing scenes from different musicals. Camp lasts for 3 afternoons, and you’d be amazed at what the kids accomplish. They paint their costumes, rehearse their lines, learn 2 dances; then they paint the scenery, rehearse their lines and 2 dances; then they paint their cast photo frames, rehearse their lines and yes, their 2 dances. What’s next? It’s show time! I’m pretty sure this was a performance of scenes from “Annie” like no other. The results were perfect with lots of applause and lots of smiles from everyone. We thank all of our young actors and actresses, our camp director Anne, our dance teacher Shelley and our camp volunteers, Liz and Mandy, for working so hard in putting it all together. Our drama unfolded and created something very special.