Breanna’s Gift Classes

What a Great Day!

Breanna’s Gift and dance class at the hospital brings out the best smiles. You can’t smile  bigger than this, or can you? After class each of our dancers received tap shoes and costumes. One little boy came to class in a wagon not feeling too good. After class, wearing his costume and pulling his IV pole with lots of lines attached, he walked the halls on the way back to his room; and grinning from ear to ear he called to the nurses: ” Check this out!” The report from Child Life was that for at least the following two days that same little guy was still seen in the halls wearing his costume and wanting everyone to “Check him out!”MCH_dance_3.2016-2

How Small Can You Draw?

This week at Ronald McDonald House, artist Jamie D’Angelo led the kids in a tiny art project. Tiny because their drawings we done inside of bottle caps. You really can’t get much smaller than that. Some bottle cap drawings became magnets that  kids kept for themselves and the rest were donated by our young artists to Jamie so she can create a larger work of art to be auctioned at our Breanna’s Star event on April 23rd. The kids take so much pride in being a part of creating this work of art. We hope you can attend the event to see the amazing results!RMH_BottleCapArt7_2.2016