Board of Directors

Breanna’s Gift Board of Directors Combines Art with Playing Nice in the Sandbox

Breanna’s Gift Board of Directors and Program Coordinator, Kim Gordon attended a Sandcasting Workshop at FOCI, center for glass arts. This was a combination of fun, creativity and new  HOT experiences. Everyone is always good at playing nice in the sand box, so the small boxes of sand were no challenge for our group. Each class member made 2 castings with only one requirement.  One of the two pieces must be donated to the Breanna’s Star event on April 28. That is the most difficult part of the experience. Which one will be donated and which one will they keep. However, if it’s too hard to decide,  bidding on your own piece at the event is always an option!

We are Humbled!

Breanna’s Gift was the charity partner at the Faffcon “unconference” held in Minneapolis.This group of voice over professionals from all over the world comes together each year at a different location. Our board president was present to receive the heart felt donations that we made to our organization during the 3 day event. And in the end, an incredible $8,000 was raised for Breanna’s gift. We are humbled and rendered completely speechless by the more than generous support we received from the Faffcon group. As voice over professionals, we understand that being rendered speechless would not be a good thing. But for us it has been the very opposite. The only word we could find to express ourselves was WOW! and WOW! THANK YOU FAFFCON.



And the Sidewalk Comes to Us

When it’s too hot to go outdoors for sidewalk art, Breanna’s Gift teacher Kim brings the sidewalk inside. The walk was about 20 feet long when we started and by the time everyone was finished, it was full of fun drawings and got another 6 feet longer. Board of Directors Vice President, Billy, helped the kids execute some ideas, encouraged them to think and draw big. He was king of the chalk. RMH_sidewalkart_7.2016

Our Board of Directors Getting Involved

We are so honored to have a very hard working board of directors. Everyone on our board takes an active role in a variety of  Breanna’s Gift needs, from helping Breanna’s Gift to become better known in the community to volunteering with our teachers and getting a chance to spend some time with the children. It’s a chance to see our program close up and personal and the kids love it. RMH_art_tate&ala_3.3.2016