Marsha Ovitz, Ex Officio Board Member
Founder and Program Director, Breanna’s Gift

Heather Christopherson, Ex Officio Board Member
Executive Director, Breanna’s Gift

Dave Hecker, President
Project Manager, Gardner Builders

Tamara Simon, Vice President
Senior Business Advisor, Alerus

Alex Murphy, Treasurer
Customer Experience Executive

Becky Stander, Secretary
Client Manager, Business Development, Thomson Reuters

Cindy Uldrich, Board Member
Family and Civil Mediator

Bridie Musser, Board Member
Minneapolis Public Schools, Early Childhood Education

Shelly Rosett, Board Member
Sales Professional

Meredith St. Pierre, Board Member
Fundraising Professional

Nancy Crowe, Board Member
Marketing & Communications Executive, Williams AV

Nea DallaValle, Board Member
Spiritual Guide & Activator


Judith Burrell, Professional Management Consultant and Fund Raiser, Retired

Libby Lincoln, Attorney, Retired

Rick Anderson, Retired, Community Volunteer

Billy Gese, Wealth Manager and Financial Advisor, NFP Corp