Our time away from Children’s Minnesota has finally ended, and we are so excited to return and work directly with the kids. While playrooms are not yet open, guidelines have been put in place to protect the children we visit. We are vaccinated, staying current with flu vaccines as well, and wearing masks and shields. All materials used with children must be new – which means our Art Takeout projects and Art Take2 classes fit this requirement perfectly.

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Oh my goodness, how exciting – a dance video! The video is absolutely adorable. I’ll let the Recreation Therapy team know these are on the way. Thanks so much!

“I work in a pediatric long-term care facility that is home to children with complex medical conditions that require care around the clock. When COVID-19 reached our city of Richmond, Virginia, we had to immediately cancel Recreation Therapy group sessions, cancel volunteer visits, cancel community outings, cancel special events, and close up tight. Our residents, whose ages can range from infant to 21, were required to stay on the unit and in their rooms for the first several weeks of the pandemic as we took every precaution to keep them safe. As a Recreation Therapy Department, this presented us with quite a challenge in terms of providing individual activities for the children and offering them a variety of fun things to do to keep them busy and content.

The first week of quarantine happened to be my week to plan activities for the kids. The very first day I brou